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Traveling itself might not be as tough as reaching a consensus with your travel partners (and yourself) o n where to plan your next tour? It’s mostly a debate that revolves ar ound whether or not you should travel beyond the waters or embark on an adventure within your country. Well, if you and your travel crew reside anywhere in Pakistan and are mesmerized by rich culture, artsy views, and serene water wonders, you needn’t look much further than the Northern regions of the ‘land of the pure.’

If you need more persuasion, we’ve compiled a list of top reasons why you must set offto Northern Pakistan for a break this year!

Gushing rivers and captivating lakes

Pakistan isn’t just home to histo rical monuments and shrines. The country is home to captivating, pristine lakes and over – excited rivers that flow at their maximum capacity during summer. It’s no wonder Northern Pakistan tops the list for vacation plans or just a perfect break for those w ell acquainted with the cool climate and serenity it offers.

When planning a trip to explore nature’s best, make sure you include Ghizer in your itinerary. Ghizer lies within Gilgit – Baltistan and is home to astounding lakes. A breathtaking river, known a s the Ghizer River, and the famous Shandur top , which is also known as the “Roof of the World ” are travel sites worth visiting.

Another lake that should top your list of must – visit water wonders is the Attabad Lake, located in what many call “the paradise on Earth” or Hunza Valley. Even when the sun shines to its full potential in Hunza, you’ll discover the Attabad Lake fighting off that heat and keeping its cool. It is one of the most ethereal destinations fil led with tourists who visit this lake to experience the cool winds via boating and water sport s or just Offto enjoy a delicious cuppa of tea by the lake.

The Attabad Lake is no ordinary wonder of nature. The lake owes its alluring turquoise hue to silt co llected from glaciers that drop down from the mountains surrounding it. Other water wonders that need to be on your bucket – list include, the Dudipatsar Lake, the Shandur Lake and the Manthoka Waterfalls, located close to the Madhpur region in Skardu.

Let’ s move on to what else makes Northern Pakistan amongst the best places to visit in the world regardless of the season.

Treks for the wild-hearted

Trekking sounds like a real struggle, doesn’t it? But, trust us, once you find yourself amidst the magnificence of unbelievably gigantic mountains, you can’t help but feel a great sense ofaccomplishment as you continue your journey.If you’ve got that climber’s spirit within you, 6 hours oftrekking will lead you to discover one of Pakistan’s most fairytale-like destinations, the Fairy Meadows!You could board a plane to Skardu or take a road trip to Hunza Valley, but the land of starry skies andawe-inspiring views demands your on-foot excursion–in a nutshell, there’s no other way of visiting theMeadows except by trekking!

You can’t help but step further and further once you’ve started along the path to discover nature’s spellbinding treasures amongst the rocky giants.

Great History and rich culture

Nature isn’t the sole temptation to plan a trip to Norther n Pakistan. There’s a lot more than enormous moun tains and crystal – clear rivers. Some of the tourist destinations offer a lot more than natural beauty; they are marked by historical tales of forts , wars and royalty.

Nestling amongst some of Pakistan’s most sight – worthy peaks, the Hunza Valley has long been a popular attraction for tourists, merchants and anyone with a passion to travel. The valley breathes rich culture and a history worth knowing, apart from its unparalleled natural splendor.

The valle y is home to the Altit and Baltit Forts, which go back 1000 and 700 years respectively. These forts are not only amongst Northern Pakistan’s most ancient monuments but are also a proof of the feudal regime that once existed in the now free Hunza valley.

When you’ve got an inkling to explore diverse cultures and priceless traditions, you can begin with Hunza Valley’s Karimabad bazaar itself and move on towards the Swat Valley or Kashmir where music and art are nurtured within serenity and natural beauty.

Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?

It’s impossible to encapsulate Northern Pakistan’s beauty in words so we’d recommend you start looking for cheap flights and hotels since the wonders of these regions have no end. Whether you’re a fan of culture and art or wild at heart, these cool and tranquil regions of Pakistan have everything you could or couldn’t imagine. So where are you offto this autumn?