Offto Resorts

Karimabad (Hunza)

Views and Sights from Offto Resort

Spread across 5 acres of valley land, Offto resort unique views from its rooms and terraces.Not only this, theresort sits on the cross roads of500 years oldtrek that was used by thethen emperors topass through the majestic Karakoram mountains.toHere is a briefdescription of the views from each terrace:

Ultar Peak (7388 m)iskeypeakinthe Batura Muztagh subrange of the Karakoram range. Itliesin thenortheast of Karimabad.It was summited forthe first time in 1996 by a JapaneseclimberAkito Yamazaki.The sunrise and sunset views of the Ultar Peak from Terraces 1 and2 are worth experiencing.

Queen Victoria Monument, locally known asMalikamu Shikariin Burushaski,is believed tobeconstructed by Nazim Khan, the Mir of Hunza, after the British Army colonized the Stateof Hunza.The monument lies atthe top of the rock face behind Karimabadand can be reachedwithin an hour fromthe old town.

The Moorkuh water channel isthe oldest water channel and supplies water to the Resort. These are glacial melt streams that carry water from the Ultar glacier. The channel wasdugup using Ibex horns(dates unknown) and feeds theirrigation system of Karimabad.

The Baltit Fort is almost 800 yearsoldand got enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Sitein2004. This was the home of the Mir of Hunza until 1945. The Fort is strategicallyplacedwitha commanding view of thevalley and the river-its inhabitants controlled the seasonal trans-Karakoramtrade between south and Central Asia.Today, it is a famous tourist attraction andattractsaround 100,000 tourists annually.(T1 only)

Karimabad Old Town was formerly known as Baltit and is one ofthe oldest settlementsinGilgit Baltistan.Karimabadwas named in honour of Prince Karim Aga Khan. The town is madeup of stone walled steep sloping terraces.

Rakaposhi Peak (7788 m) is situated in the Karakoram rangein Nagarvalley.Locally, thename translates to”Mother of Mist”and is home to important wildlife species such as theMarco Polo sheep,Snow leopard,Astore Markhor and the Himalayan Brown Bear.It wasfirst summited by British mountaineers,Mike Banks and Tom Pateyin 1958.

Diran Peak (7266 m) lies to the east oftheRakaposhipeakin theRakaposhi-Haramoshsub-rangeof theKarakoram range in Nagar valley.It was first summited byRainer Goeschl,Rudolph Pischinger and Hanns Schell, members of an Austrian expedition in 1968.

The Offto Lake is an artificial wetlanddeveloped in the middle ofthe Offto Resort.Apartfrom providing aestheticvalueto the Resort, the Lake willcontribute to the groundwaterrecharge,water storage andhelp restore the natural ecosystem of the valley.