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Tourist Cottage Hotel & Restaurant

5.7 km from Rama Meadows
Located in Main Astore city, the Tourist Cottage & Restaurant is perfect for anyone looking to explore the beauty of the northern areas at a budget. The hotel is located near all the important landmarks of Gilgit Baltistan such as Rama Lake, Rama Meadows, Rainbow Lake and Deosai Plains. You can also take a longer trip up to the most beautiful valleys of Gilgit-Baltistan; namely Minimerg, Domail, and Rupal. The rooms are spacious and come equipped with neat and clean bathrooms as well as Free Wi-Fi, room service and spacious interiors. The hotel also BBQ and bonfire facility on its premises for you and your family.
Sep 19 - Sep 20
Room Type
Special Extras
Price Description
Standard - Double Bed Twin - Ground

Room Amenities
Room service Available Toilet: Squat
Rs 2,500
Extra Bed Price:
Rs 0
Breakfast Price:
Rs 100
1 Room
0 Extra Bed
Breakfast Charge: Rs 0
Rs 2,500
Rs 2,500

Astore city, Pakistan

Astore city is the capital of the district of Astore. It is situated at an altitude of over 2,500 meters above sea level and has an area of 5,092 km². It is located only 6 Kms away from Gilgit main city. The famous tourist destinations near the city are Nanga Parbat and Chongra Peak.
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If you are looking for budget accommodation in Main Astore city for yourself and your family, the Green Heaven Resort is the right place. This is the perfect place if you are looking for the best deal. The hotel is firstly located in Main Astore city which is close to most of the famous tourist destination such as Rama Lake, Rama Meadows, Rainbow Lake and Deosai Plains. If you are an adventure enthusiast and looking to explore more areas you can also take a day trip and visit the nearby valleys of Minimerg, Domail, and Rupal. The hotel gives you all the amenities you expect. The rooms have neat and clean bathrooms, spacious interiors, Free Wi-Fi as well as excellent room service. You can also enjoy outdoor bonfire and BBQ with your friends and family within the hotel premises and make everlasting memories. So book your place today online through our service or pay through cash on delivery if you cannot pay online and start your holiday today.
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