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Additional Cottage Nathiagali

0.7 km from Nathia Gali Bazar
Located at the core of Galiyat Range, Nathiagali is a resort town that attracts many tourists from around the country because of its natural beauty and exciting experiences. For a comfortable stay while you venture out in this beautiful town, book your stay at Additional Cottage and get the vacation cottage with 2 standard beds with dining and kitchen all to yourself. The vacation house is located amongst nearby attractions like Green Point, Samundar Katha Jheel, Nathiagali Bazaar, and Nathiagali Church. The comfortable and spacious rooms come with many facilities like warm bedding, free WiFi, friendly room service and neat and clean, upgraded bathrooms with running hot water.
Sep 22 - Sep 23
Room Type
Special Extras
Price Description
Standard - Holiday Home 2 Bedroom - Ground

Room Amenities
Heating Room service Available Balcony TV Available Toilet: Seat
Rs 17,000
Extra Bed Price:
Rs 0
Breakfast Price:
Rs 250
1 Room
0 Extra Bed
Breakfast Charge: Rs 0
Rs 17,000
Rs 17,000

Nathiagali, Pakistan

At the center of the Galiyat range, rests the scenic hill station Nathiagali. The mountain resort town is known for its striking beauty, landmarks, hiking tracks and delightful weather. Its temperature is colder than other areas of Galiyat as it is situated at a higher altitude. It’s located right in the middle of Murree and Abbottabad and is one-hour drive away from either of the cities. Through Nathiagali you can visit many attractions including Mushkpuri Peak, Miranjani, Green Spot and Kashmir Point.
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Experience the comfort of a cottage equipped with all modern facilities and illuminated by the picturesque views of the Galiyat Range. The homestay is a cozy accommodation that comes with 2 beds, a dining, and a kitchen complete with all functionalities and aesthetic build. The holiday home is situated amongst many tourist attractions like the ever-vibrant Nathiagali Bazaar, Green point, crystal clear Samundar Katha Jheel, and the historic Nathiagali Church. Take a trip to the beautiful destinations and come back to your cozy retreat to unwind. There is a lovely lawn at the hotel accommodation where you can take a walk or sit around with your loved ones and enjoy the stunning views of the mountains. The rental rooms are equipped with many facilities like free WiFi, friendly room service, warm and cozy bedding and neat and clean, upgraded bathrooms with running hot water. In the mood for some BBQ and Bonfire? The helpful staff can set that up for you as well and you can hire local musicians for a musical night. Book your trip vacation to Additional Cottage and avail our safe and secure payment options, including cash on delivery.
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