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Nathia Hills &Hotel

0.2 km from Nathia Gali Bazar
Book your stay at Nathia Hills and Hotel and make a comfortable stay as you visit the many nearby tourist destinations. These destinations include Green Point, Samundar Katha Lake, Nathagali Bazaar, and Nathiagali Church. Pipeline Track, Lalazar Park, Ayubia Chairlifts and Mushkpuri Track. The vacation rental is situated on Main Abbottabad Road, near Elite Hotel and comes with 22 elegant rooms. It features cozy rooms with modern facilities like room service, WiFi, flat TV screens, seating area, comfortable bedding, and neat and clean, upgraded bathrooms. The standard hotel rooms are recommended for tours. The deluxe master bedroom looks out to stunning views of surrounding landscapes.

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Nathiagali, Pakistan

At the center of the Galiyat range, rests the scenic hill station Nathiagali. The mountain resort town is known for its striking beauty, landmarks, hiking tracks and delightful weather. Its temperature is colder than other areas of Galiyat as it is situated at a higher altitude. It’s located right in the middle of Murree and Abbottabad and is one-hour drive away from either of the cities. Through Nathiagali you can visit many attractions including Mushkpuri Peak, Miranjani, Green Spot and Kashmir Point.
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Nathia Hills and Hotel is a lovely accommodation at a prime location in Nathiagali, making famous tourist destinations like Green Point, the beautiful Samundar Katha Lake, the vibrant Nathiagali Bazaar, and the historic Nathiagali Church easily accessible. It is situated on Main Abbottabad Road near Elite Hotel and offers 22 rooms. The standard rooms are recommended for tours. The deluxe master bedroom is illuminated by beautiful views all around. The views of nearby landscapes add significantly to the aesthetic value of this vacation house. The comfortable hotel rooms are all equipped with modern facilities like room service, flat-screen TVs, free WiFi, comfortable bedding, and elegant and upgraded bathrooms. The hotel also offers BBQ and Bonfire facility if demanded. Among other facilities of this hotel are 24-hour front desk service, an in-house restaurant, and private parking upon request. Book your homestay plan and avail our safe and secure payment options, including cash on delivery.
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