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Gulmit Farm House

0 km from Old House Gulmit
Located near Gulmit in Hunza, Gulmit Farm House Upper Hunza Gulmit provides a cozy accommodation for travelers and families alike with a calm serene atmosphere surrounded by gorgeous views and the vacation home's own hospitality. Being an ideal place to experience Upper Hunza culture, heritage, and cuisine, it has nearby many tourist attractions including Attabad Lake, Borit Lake, Gulmit Museum, Bulbulik Music School, Passu Glacier, and Hussaini Suspension Bridge. The homestay accommodation has 4 bedrooms designed in traditional Pamir style as well as the modern set up with the former being able to host up to 10 to 14 guests at a time. The rent house rooms are equipped with many facilities including free WiFi, comfortable bedding, friendly room service, spacious interiors, and attached modern bathrooms.

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Gulmit, Pakistan

This place is also known as Gul-e-Gulmit. It’s a town in Upper Hunza located over 8000 feet above sea level that used to serve as the summer capital of Gojal, when Hunza was a separate state. Gulmit is a historic town with centuries of history. Its more notable tourist spots are the old Summer Palace of Mir of Hunza as well as the old polo ground as well as the Ondra fort
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Situated near Gulmit in Upper Hunza,Gulmit Farm House is an elegant accommodation that offers tourists an opportunity to stay at a cozy place as they explore landmarks around the area. From the windows of your holiday home, you can enjoy stunning views of the great Passu Cones, Hunza Views, and a lush green garden. It's an ideal place to experience Upper Hunza culture, heritage, and cuisine. The vacation rental is nearby many tourist attractions including the magnificent Attabad Lake, Borit Lake, the historic Gulmit Museum, Bulbulik Music School, the astounding Passu Glacier, and Hussaini Suspension Bridge. The rental homestay has 4 bedrooms which are equipped with all basic facilities including friendly room service, comfortable bedding, free WiFi, spacious interiors and modern bathrooms. There is a fruit orchid inside the holiday home where you can take walks and enjoy fresh sweet fruits. Smoking and non-smoking rooms are also available. Free parking is allotted to those guests that have made reservations at the vacation rent house. If you're in the mood for some live Bonfire BBQ, the staff can set that up for you on-demand and you can hire local musicians for a musical night. Book now to avail safe and secure payment options, including cash on delivery.
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