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Junniper Valley Guest House

12 km from Passu Glacier
Want to travel to Khyber Valley to explore Upper Hunza and experience its local culture? Junniper Valley Guest House is perfect home stay accommodation for you to stay while you explore the landmarks. Its only 5-minute track away from the famous Khunjarab River and 15-minute track from Ibex viewpoint where you can see the mountain Ibex, visible everywhere during winters. The holiday home has a Pamir style traditional hall and one bedroom equipped with all basic facilities like WiFi, comfortable bedding, friendly room service with attached neat and clean, upgraded bathrooms that have hot water round the clock.
Sep 22 - Sep 23
Room Type
Special Extras
Price Description
Standard - Holiday Home 1 Bedroom - Ground

Room Amenities
Heating Telephone Room service Available Balcony TV Available Toilet: Seat Toilet: Squat
Rs 11,500
Extra Bed Price:
Rs 0
Breakfast Price:
Rs 200
1 Room
0 Extra Bed
Breakfast Charge: Rs 0
Rs 11,500
Rs 11,500

Khyber, Pakistan

Khyber is a village in the Upper Hunza valley. It is located west of the Hunza River. The place used to be known for trophy hunting of Ibex. But the hunting of the animal was banned by the village in 1991. It is still possible to go there to hunt, but any person wishing to do so must pay a certain amount to the village in order to get the rights to hunt an Ibex. The money obtained goes into a fund for the development of the village.
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Experience village life and explore the local culture of Khyber Village by staying at Junniper Valley Guest House. The cheap accommodation comes with a Pamir style traditional hall and one bedroom - ideal for families to rent. It offers scenic views of the mountains and natural landscapes and is nearby many tourist destinations. The famous Khunjarab River is only 5-minute track away and a 15-minute track will take you to the Ibex viewpoint. From the viewpoint, you can see the mountain Ibex - the majestic animals that are visible everywhere during winters and attract many wildlife photographers from around the world. After a day of exploring the many landmarks, rejuvenate in your cozy retreat which offers delicious local food, a fruit orchard where you can take the evening stroll, Bonfire and BBQ service, and local musicians which you can hire for a lovely musical night with your friends and family. The bedrooms are equipped with all basic facilities like comfortable bedding, WiFi, room service, and neat and clean bathrooms with running hot water. Book your home stay plan and avail safe and secure payment options, including cash on delivery.
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