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Arcadian Sprucewoods Shogran

0.7 km from Shogran
Nestled among spruce woods and pines of Shogran, Arcadian Spruce Woods Hotels and resorts is a deluxe hotel in Shogran, Kaghan Valley. The deluxe hotel has 32 beautifully furnished rental rooms with comfortable bedding, wireless internet access and glorious mountain views. Other amenities offered at the Arcadian Spruce Woods Hotels and Resorts include reception, room service, take-away, Wi-Fi, car parking and car rental. Nearby tourist attractions include Siri and Paye, Sharan, Shinkiari Huts, Makda peak, Kewai water fall.

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Shogran, Pakistan

Shogran is a hilly resort sitting on a green plateau in the Kaghan Valley, Northern Pakistan at a height of 2,362 meters above sea level. Shogran is located at a distance of 34 kilometers from Balakot. Shogran is favorite for families and adventurers alike. Its offerings scenic views and lush green surroundings. The scenic beauty attracts the tourists even when the roads are bumpy and the only way to reach the place is by jeep.
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High above on the plateau of Shogran, the Arcadian Spruce Woods Hotels and Resort command a spectacular view of the Kaghan Valley whether it is the sight of the Malika Parbat or the mountain top meadows of Siri and Pai. The 32 well-furnished, clean and luxurious rooms with glorious views guarantee a relaxing stay at the hotel. The fancier suites boast private verandas and fireplaces to complement the weather. A top quality intercontinental menu is available to appease your palate. Other amenities offered at this comfortable hotel include room service, Wi-Fi, car parking and car rental, laundry and ironing services. Prominent sites to visit include the Siri Ridge and the Paye Meadows, perfect for a picnic, a leisure walk and enjoying the magnificent views. A hike from the meadows to the top of Makra Peak is relatively easy in the summers. The Khanian village and waterfall, Kamal Ban forest, Manoor Valley are all destinations that you can make easy day trips to while based in Khanian. Other popular destinations include Shinkiari Huts and Sharan.
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