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Caprafal Hotel & Restaurant

1.4 km from Upper Kachura Lake
The Caprafal Hotel and Restaurant is a combination of a Guest House and tent village located in Sauk Valley in Skardu. This offers camping arrangement for those who wish to explore the outdoors but still maintain the luxuries of indoor living. Besides the option of tent villages the hotel itself also offers amazing services such as Spa, wellness center and satellite TV for those who wish to enjoy the indoors. It is also ideally located near Upper Kachura Lake if you wish to explore the local tourist sites and serene views.
Sep 19 - Sep 20
Room Type
Special Extras
Price Description
Standard - Double Bed Master - Ground
Complimentary Breakfast

Room Amenities
Heating Telephone Room service Available Toilet: Seat
Rs 4,000
Extra Bed Price:
Rs 0
1 Room
0 Extra Bed
Rs 4,000
Deluxe - Standard Tent - Ground

Room Amenities
Heating Room service Available Toilet: Squat
Rs 2,500
Extra Bed Price:
Rs 0
Breakfast Price:
Rs 150
0 Room
0 Extra Bed
Breakfast Charge: Rs 0
Rs 0
Rs 4,000

Kachura, Pakistan

Kachura is a part of Skardu district and it is located 35 Kms from Skardu city. This valley lies near the Indus River. Kachura is divided into two main areas, Upper Kachura and Lower Kachura. Upper Kachura is known for Upper Kachura Lake as well as Choq Valley and Lower Kachura is known for Lower Kachura Lake. Shangrila Lake or Lower Kachura Lake is a part of Shangrila Resort which is popular tourist destination.
More Info
Caprafal Hotel and Restaurant located in Sauk Valley in Skardu is a unique accommodation as it offers both the comforts of indoor as well as the adventure of outdoor living. The Hotel offers the most luxurious tent village for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of Skardu up close. We offer the best of both worlds with our Hotel offering spa as well as a wellness center to help you relax and enjoy your time off on your vacation. The Hotel is ideally located in Skardu for anyone as it is only an hour’s drive away from the airport and close to all major landmarks such as Upper Kachura Lake, Kachura Lake, and Shangrila Resort. This is an ideal place for any young travelers who want to explore the northern areas of Pakistan with friends. So get your online booking now and avail safe and secure payment options, including cash of delivery.
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