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Ghazi Hotel

0.5 km from Upper Kachura Lake
A Kachura (Skardu) hotel, Ghazi Hotel is near the Upper & Lower Kachura Lakes and the scenic Saok Valley which you can visit anytime during your stay. Every window of the property reflects the stunning views of the nearby landmarks. Easily the biggest property near Upper Kachura Lake, it offers comfortably furnished rooms with modern attached bathrooms. It also features a boating facility and a bonfire BBQ facility for families and groups that wish to enjoy a crispy hot meal in the fresh open air.
Sep 19 - Sep 20
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Kachura, Pakistan

Kachura is a part of Skardu district and it is located 35 Kms from Skardu city. This valley lies near the Indus River. Kachura is divided into two main areas, Upper Kachura and Lower Kachura. Upper Kachura is known for Upper Kachura Lake as well as Choq Valley and Lower Kachura is known for Lower Kachura Lake. Shangrila Lake or Lower Kachura Lake is a part of Shangrila Resort which is popular tourist destination.
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Located near the Upper Kachura Lake, Ghazi Hotel is the biggest property in the area. Tucked away amidst lush fruit trees and boasting a panoramic view of the Upper Kachura Lake, Ghazi Hotel is close to many tourist attractions including Upper Katchura Lake, Lower Kachura (Shangrila) Lake and the Saok Valley. Venture out into these destinations and experience the breathtaking beauty of nature firsthand. Sit back under the stars and enjoy the tasty fresh fruits from the fruit orchard inside the property. Perfect for young families, with plenty of room to run around outside Ghazi Hotel features clean and comfortable rooms with attached bathrooms that have all the amenities modern travelers expect. The facilities include comfortable bedding, friendly room service, free WiFi and more. You can demand on-site Bonfire and BBQ and make even more memories with your loved ones. Book your stay at this modest but spacious vacation destination and avail safe and secure payment options, including cash on delivery.
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