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With 2000 years of travels (on-record), via the silk route to and from China, the Sacred rocks of Hunza are a popular archeological site to visit.
Take a trip down ancient times (about 700 years ago) and witness the place where the royals of Hunza dwelled. Visit the UNESCO award winning Baltit Fort and don’t forget to explore the famous Karimabad Bazaar
When you’ve planned out a day for some exploration, you can stroll around the ancient streets of the Altit Khun Village, restored to keep the heritage alive.
Music flows within Hunza’s culture just like its gushing rivers. Located within the Royal Garden of the Altit Fort, the Leif Larsen Music Center provides the traditional musicians of Gilgit and Chitral with facilities and music lessons, assisting them to master different musical instruments and acquire expertise in mountain music.
The word Ciqam, pronounced as she-kum means greenery in Brushaski and promotes an environment where women can prosper and grow. The social enterprise has its primary abode within the Altit Fort since 2003 when restoration work was initiated for the fort. The project was a joint venture of the Aga Khan Cultural Services Pakistan and Royal Norwegian Embassy Pakistan (RNE), created in 2003.
Hunza’s famous Altit Fort where the Mirs of Hunza once dwelled, is now a museum enriched with many tales of battles, princes and princesses. Mounted on two boulders built over 1000 feet above the Hunza river, the Altit fort is the most ancient monument of the valley, built in the 11th Century as an abode for the Royals of Hunza. Altit meaning “this side down”, was renovated by the Agha Khan Trust for Culture via their Historical Cites Program.