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Meet the food Artist

Chef Zahid Ali

Once you taste our delicious cuisines, we’re sure you’d want to pay your complements to the chef at Offto Resort’s popular Shire Restaurant. So, here’s a brief profile of our master chef.

Chef Zahid received his initial training from Serena Hotel, Gilgit after which he worked as a helper in Hotel Riveria and soon after was able to showcase his cooking expertise at multiple renowned hotels such as Hotel Mashabrum and Concordia Motel in Skardu. Later, he was the chief architect and designer of the menus at wild Thyme ( Islamabad) and Doca Mocca Eatery ( Islamabad)

Like a master artisan, Chef Zaid brings his own signature tweaks and additions to age old recipes. Being a local Hunza boy, he gets inspired by local and organic products.

So get ready for tantalizing your taste buds with the very best Hunza inspired food one can get with a modern twist!

Chef Zahid Ali

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